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Handy Mailing Service

About Us

Quality mail house with free delivery from City Blue Print (see Printing listings). Vergil does all of our personalized/customized pieces as well as our standard mail for Gage and BGS Marketing and Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle, staying right on top of the mailing until it is delivered to the post office. Many special capabilities with reasonable prices: post-it note attachment, address envelopes in special color inks, using customized fonts and sizes, personalize the piece throughout with any variable including first and last name, self-mailers, oversized cards and envelopes, all kinds of lumpy mail in any shape or size. Also, furnishes residential and business lists available by any demographic needed (geographic location/courier route, gender, age, zip code, household income, number of children..). Handy Mailing also provides all list cleaning services such as: NCOA, cass. certified, 911 conversion, phone verify and append, to name a few.