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What is InstantTeleseminar? (IT)

IT is a complete turnkey marketing system for GROUP SALES EVENTS. IT attracts prospects, builds lists, and increases sales. You pick an event date and time, and IT does everything else!

Instantly and easily customize your teleseminar event invitation, registration process, webpage and your replay webpage.

And coming soon from

1) Audio-playback into both phone + webcast Use it for: * Sound effects * Intro music * Pre-recorded interviews * Pre-recorded testimonials * Entire pre-recorded events * Anything! Just upload your recordings and click ‘play’ during your event. This super-cool feature may be available as early as next week!

2) Slide presentations, follow-me browsing, w/ recording & replay (This feature will probably be released in 60 to 90 days)

3) AJAX-enabled moderator-tools (faster with more features)

4) The ability to update event page *during* the event via chat-room-like technology. Great as a back-channel — we may even hook this into the Q&A system.

5) Contest management — more powerful for you sales than you might believe.

6) Voting!

7) And much, much more.

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