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About Us

Outrageous Marketing Products was inspired by Bill Glazer and his book Outrageous Advertising That is Outrageously Successful and his Outrageous Academy. Outrageous Marketing Products is a division of Berea Printing Company. We have been in the print communication business since 1967. We are so good at exceeding our customer’s expectations that we continue to serve them for decades. We have a long list of 20-30 year customers and even a few that we have been serving for over 40 years.

When you call our office you will be greeted by a real live person who can help you with your needs. We specialize in solving problems, whether you need a unique way to generate more revenue or you have a complicated project that you just want to hand off to someone who can MAKE IT HAPPEN.

We are a family business that started off as a hobby…that has now gotten out of hand. We produce our products in our facility near Cleveland, Ohio. We purchase our supplies Made in the USA whenever possible. We are a very ‘green’ producer and use sustainable materials & processes throughout our facility. In fact we are very close to being a Zero Waste Facility.