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Dave Jensen

About Us

David Jensen is an Author, Speaker, Consultant and Founder of The Hiring Academy.

He began in the Human Resources industry as an executive headhunter, top performing recruiter and efficiency consultant. He spent several years in the entertainment industry as a Talent & Literary agent before returning to his business coaching expertise at UNlimited Inc. Consulting. There he blazed a path for small business owners with the BSA (Business Situation Analysis). This survey zeros-in on specific performance issues both known or hidden at a shockingly quick pace; usually within an hour! The results guide effective consulting to empower business owners to expand without becoming further overworked.

David observed, after hundreds of clients, that the two most common problem-areas found were Marketing and Personnel. He recognized there were already a plethora of marketing experts but there was no Hiring Expert or codified, workable system for hiring the right people. Business owners consistently said