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Tony Policci

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lunt, Bold, Bright Even Nice!

Thats how clients refer to the CEO of Absolutely Brilliant Concepts Inc., Marketing and Copywriting . (ABC M&C), marketing aficionado Tony Policci.

Two things you can expect from Tony Policci- hell make you smile and he won’t B.S. you! – the late Ken Kerr Former Marketing Director Disney Epcot

Prior to founding ABC M&C, Policci served as a consultant to Piranhas 3500 plus clients as VP of marketing for Joe Polish. He created and co-created strategies with clients, helped them execute targeted marketing plans, wrote and critiqued thousands of ads, sales letters, scripts etc. Policci has been published in numerous trade magazines and is the author of two marketing books. The response doublers guide to creating a killer yellow-page or print ad and A Wise Guys Copywriting Rule Book. He also wrote a full chapter on copywriting for Tom Feltenstein in his latest book The 10-Minute Marketers Secret Formula published by Entrepreneur Press.

Policci specializes in the direct response area and in providing unique, unconventional, and effective approaches to his clients marketing challenges. His best strategy produced a 2000% increase in response for one of his clients sales. Hes a straightforward guy, and like Joe he doesn’t believe in telling you what you want to hear it’s more important to tell you what will be beneficial.

Curiously, Tony was also very successful using outrageous marketing techniques to secure work as a professional actor until 1995, just prior to joining Joe at Piranha Marketing. His experience on stage, TV and in film has taught him about getting inside someone else’s head and being able to connect in a very real way.

Tonys educational do-it-yourself information for creating “killer ad copy, web site ( For fast friendly answers to your marketing and copywriting questions, you can contact Tony directly at 480-782-1687 or by e-mail