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Hello, thanks for visiting my site. Please do leave a shout out if you have met me and felt inspired to have a good time in life, or if you just like my site. I feed on great energy so chances are I benefited more from meeting you than you from me.

I am an entrepreneur, a father, a lover of life and it’s adventures. I am passionate about entertainment and healthcare and especially about all things that merge the two, as I believe through this merger lies lasting wellness… ask me to tell you more and make my day!

I founded Basis the better part of a decade ago, and closed a Series A financing in March 2011, and now I live and spend most of my time in San Francisco learning from my amazing team.

I spent the last 8 years living in Vancouver B.C., which I absolutely love and call home. I worked (and always will) at Zynik Capital Corp with my dad and brother and our awesome team. We focus on special situations, distressed assets and awesome start-ups and have done some amazing deals that make awesome stories and profits; and some losses that make awesome learning experiences. We are passionate about great entrepreneurs and management teams that run our awesome portfolio companies.

I am passionate about the offline Social Experience. I have spent many years studying and practicing the art and science of socialization and learned that it is a skill that almost anyone can master. From acting couching, improve comedy, clicker training, the art of pick-up, NLP and cognitive behavioural science to yoga, meditation and breathing; I have studied and practiced, and I find great joy in teaching as I only continue to learn everyday from all the amazing people in my life and of course those that I am yet to meet. We are on a quest to eliminate and elevate the pain of Social Anxiety. Social Anxiety Disorder is now the fastest growing diagnosed mental disorder. It is quickly plaguing our society as we only continue to live in an ever more digital world and our children will only suffer the most. Only through training, preferably live-training, can a person improve their social skills and change their habits to positive personifications of their unleashed personality. I co-founded Social Fluency 5 years ago. >more at